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Customize Policy

When a leave type is created in Hellohrm, it typically applies to all applicable employees specified in the policy, and the leave is calculated based on various options chosen in the leave type. However, Hellohrm allows for greater flexibility by creating a separate record for each employee when a new leave type is created. This enables the customization of leave policies for specific employees at any point in time.

The Customize Policy feature is available for each and every employee, allowing the admin to access and tailor any policy for a specific employee. By clicking on a leave type that applies to an employee, administrators can view when the leave becomes effective and how it will be calculated based on their date of joining and other options given in that leave type.

If you need to alter the leave policy for a specific employee, you can do so by editing and customizing the leave policy under Customize Policy. Here, you can view all the leave policies applicable for an employee and make any necessary edits.

For example, if an employee has been assigned Casual leave and has already taken a leave from 15th to 17th June, they may not be able to apply for another leave on 23rd June due to a global configuration that restricts employees from applying for a second leave within 15 days. In such cases, Customize Policy allows administrators to customize the policy only for that specific employee.

Accessing Leave Settings for Customizing Policy

  1. Click on ‘Leave’ from the left menu.
  2. Select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Customize Policy’.

Steps to Customize the Policy of an Employee

Search and select an employee from the Employees dropdown.

Click the ‘Edit’ button for a leave type to customize its policy

Update the Policy of this leave type for this user based on your preference and click ‘Save’ to Customize the Policy.