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Project Management

In Hellohrm, you can create, manage, and track multiple projects with ease. This module allows you to monitor the tasks associated with each project, including the hours worked, as recorded in the worklog. Each project features a detailed view where you can store extensive information to track project status effectively. You can also categorize projects for better organization. The Project section is fully customizable, making it suitable for any business’s specific needs.

Add a Project

Key Fields to Understand

  • Customer: Select a customer for the project. This field is required.
  • Project Type: Customize this based on your organizational needs. It’s dynamic, allowing for bespoke project types.
  • Is it Billable?: Specify if the project is billable. If yes, Hellohrm will generate relevant reports in the worklog.
  • Category: Like Project Type, categories are dynamic and can be tailored to fit your organization.
  • Status: Choose between Active or Inactive. Inactive projects won’t appear in task lists or other overviews.
  • Progress: Mark the project’s current stage (New, In Progress, Completed, On Hold, Archived, Cancelled).
  • Visibility: This determines if a project is visible to the customer, relevant if customers can log in and view their projects.

Other fields in the project form are general and can be filled out as needed, offering additional customization to match your project management requirements.

Project Details

  • The Project Details page in Hellohrm consolidates all relevant information about a project in one place, offering a comprehensive overview through various components:

    • Project and Customer Names: At the top, you’ll see the project name alongside the customer’s name.
    • Description Box: This section provides detailed information about the project. Clicking the eye icon reveals further details.
    • Graph Report: Displays the work hours logged by employees, including a monthly total hours report. You have the option to switch the year to view different periods.
    • Task List: Shows all tasks associated with the project, including the total hours logged for each task by employees. Comments or logs related to the tasks can also be viewed here.

Highlighted functionalities in the Project Details view include:

  1. Project Status: Change the project’s status directly from this dropdown menu.
  2. Reports: Access worklog reports specific to this project, showcasing detailed worklog entries.
  3. Attachments: Quickly attach files or documents related to the project.
  4. Comments Box: By clicking “View,” open a communication box where team members can exchange messages, facilitating collaboration and discussion.

Advanced search and edit functions for the project list operate in the usual manner, ensuring you can efficiently manage your projects.

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