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Hellohrm Worklogs offer detailed reports that enable employers to understand the exact number of hours each employee dedicates to specific tasks, projects, or clients. These reports, available on a monthly, weekly, or lifetime basis, provide valuable insights into workforce productivity and resource allocation. Additionally, the “Download CSV” feature enhances flexibility by allowing employers to easily convert these reports into a format that can be directly shared with clients for transparency and billing purposes.


The following reports currently available in Hellohrm

  • Individual Reports
  • Group Reports
  • Task Reports
  • Project Reports

Individual Reports

Individual Reports provide detailed insights into the hours logged by each employee over a specified period. Utilizing dropdown menus, you can filter logs for either inactive or former employees, select a specific employee, and define the time period of interest. The report displays a list of tasks alongside the total hours spent on each, culminating in a summary of total hours worked at the bottom of the page.

Clicking on any item in the list reveals detailed entries, including the date of log submission and the specifics of the work performed by the employee on that day, along with the total hours dedicated. This feature provides a breakdown of the hours allocated to each task, offering insights into the amount of time an employee has invested in individual tasks and the number of days worked.

Group Reports

Group Reports deliver comprehensive insights into the contributions of employees, segmented by task title, worklog details, project, and the source of the task (such as Asana, Trello, or other third-party tools), along with the total hours spent.

This feature allows for the selection of multiple employees and a specific date range. Upon initiating a search, the report generates an overview of group activities, organizing data by employee, followed by a chronological breakdown. Within each date, the report details the tasks completed, including task names, worklog entries, and associated projects. It also summarizes the total hours each employee has dedicated both daily and over the selected period.

Task Report

Task Reports offer a detailed analysis of the efforts invested by employees in specific tasks. These reports show the number of employees who have worked on a task, the total hours contributed, and the days on which the work was performed. Filters allow you to refine the reports based on employee name, source, task, and date range. By selecting an individual task, you can access a detailed breakdown of the hours each employee has allocated to that task.

Project Report

Project Reports provide comprehensive insights into the work completed by employees, featuring a detailed breakdown by task. By clicking on the corresponding icon, you can see the exact number of hours spent on each task. The filtering capabilities are exceptionally advanced, allowing you to narrow down reports by employee, workspace, source, customer, project, and date range, among others. With just a click, you can easily ascertain the total hours dedicated to any given project.