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The Request Module is a versatile tool designed to make handling requests within your organization both straightforward and efficient. It’s customizable to fit the specific needs of your business, allowing you to manage a wide range of requests, from job certificates and experience letters to computer accessories and work-from-home permissions.

At its core, the module allows employees to easily submit requests by selecting an appropriate category, adding a subject, detailing their needs, and attaching any necessary files. They can choose to send their request to a team lead, HR, or an administrator, ensuring it reaches the right person every time. Upon submission, a notification is sent to the chosen recipient, who can then engage with the employee through a dedicated comment box. This feature facilitates direct communication, enabling approvals, clarifications, or rejections to be handled efficiently.

By centralizing the request process, the Request Module eliminates the need for disparate communication methods like emails, WhatsApp, Slack, or verbal requests. This not only streamlines how requests are made and managed but also provides valuable insights into the types of requests being submitted. Analyzing this data can help your organization make informed decisions to improve operations and employee satisfaction.

Fig- 1: Showing All Request


Embrace simplicity and efficiency with our Request Module, the perfect solution for managing your organization’s needs in a structured and effective manner.

Make Request This section guides employees through the process of submitting a request. From choosing the right category to attaching documents and selecting the appropriate recipient, find step-by-step instructions here.
My Request This is similer to All request but showing only request which is posted by you.
All Request Showing all request on Fig-1
Request Category Configure and customize the categories for different types of requests such as job certificates, computer accessories, and more to suit your organization’s specific needs. Learn how to set up and manage your categories here.
Request Process Understand the journey of a request from submission to resolution. This includes how notifications are sent, the role of the comment box for communication, and how decisions like approvals or cancellations are made. Discover the full request process here.