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Leave Type

Accessing Leave Settings for creating Leave Types

  1. Click on ‘Leave’ from the left menu.
  2. Select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Leave Type’.

Default Leave Type

  • Upon registration with Hellohrm, a default ‘Casual Leave’ is created.
  • This default leave type can be edited and updated as needed.

Creating a New Leave Type

Click on the ‘Add Leave Type’ button in the top right corner.

Fill in the Leave Type Name, Code and Type.

Specify the start and end dates for when this leave type will be activated and when it will expire. Generally, you can choose the start of the year. Note that every year, it will auto-update based on your chosen start and end dates.

Specify which employees the leave type applies to based on employee type, gender, department, or a combination.

  • Applicable to (Employee Type): Choose who will be eligible for this leave type based on their job title or position.
  • Applicable to (Gender): Specify if this leave type is only applicable to employees of a certain gender. For example, if you create 1a maternity leave type, it would only apply to female employees.
  • Applicable to (Department): Select which departments this leave type applies to.

Set up the number of days an employee will be eligible for this leave type. You can choose the number of days in the first field, then define whether it’s allocated yearly or monthly. If you choose yearly, specify the day and month of allocation. The accrual period option determines when this leave is allocated for the employee.

Accrual Options: You can configure the accrual settings for this leave type.

  1. Is there a waiting period before a new employee begins to accrue time?
    1. No, they begin accruing time immediately upon hire: The employees will be able to take these leaves starting from their joining date.
    2. Yes, there is a waiting period: Here you can choose the number of days/months/years from the joining date or confirmation date when this leave becomes enabled for the employees.
  2. Can unused time off be carried over after the carryover date?
    1. No, it’s “use it or lose it”: Unused leave will not carry over to the next year or term.
    2. Yes, days can be carried over: You can choose the option to carry over a specific number of days or a percentage of unused leave to the next term or year. You can also select the carryover date to determine when these leaves will be carried over to the new term.

You can set the Description and color for leave types:

  1. In the Description field, you can provide a detailed description of the leave type which the employee can refer to.
  2. You can set a color for a Leave Type while creating it. This leave type will be represented by this color on the Calendar and other parts of Hellohrm. For example, whenever any employee takes a leave of this type, it will be shown on the calendar represented by this color.

Additional settings can be configured while creating a leave type:

  • Don’t Count Holidays as Leave: If your organization does not consider holidays as leave, check this option. When an employee applies for leave that includes a holiday, that day will not be counted as leave.
  • Don’t Count Weekends as Leave: This checkbox determines whether weekends will be considered as leave. If an employee’s leave application period includes a weekend, this option will determine whether it will be counted as leave.
  • Max Leave Applicable at a Time: This option specifies the maximum number of days an employee can apply for in one leave application. For example, if you set it to 3, an employee cannot apply for more than 3 days of leave at a time.
  • Min Gap Between Leave Applications: This option specifies the minimum number of days an employee must wait before applying for the same leave type again. For example, if you set it to 15, an employee cannot apply for the same leave type within 15 days of their previous application.

After filling out all the necessary information, click the ‘Save’ button to create the Leave Type.