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Worklogs Management

Worklogs is a feature in Hellohrm where employees log their daily activities, breaking down the time spent on specific tasks. This functionality enables employers to record daily work hours, gauge project progress, issue invoices for specific tasks or projects over certain periods, and track the amount of time an employee dedicates to a task or project. This is crucial for employers to make accurate project timelines, budgets, or expense estimates.

Hellohrm provides this capability to all organizations to manage their employees’ daily tasks effectively. To log activities in Worklogs, employees must first select the Customer and Project, a necessary step. They then select a task, which could be assigned within Hellohrm or from other project management tools like Trello, Asana, ClickUp, etc.

The primary purpose of Worklogs is to offer a solution for organizations working with multiple clients, particularly when these clients use different platforms to manage projects. It can be challenging for organizations to track their employees’ work across various projects, including the hours worked for each client, project, or task. Worklogs centralizes the logging of daily activities in one place and provides advanced reporting features. This flexibility enables organizations to calculate hours worked accurately and either update their clients or bill them based on these logs.

The following feature use for worklogs

Worklogs ConfigurationsCustomize your Worklogs settings, such as the number of hours to be logged per day and whether to integrate third-party tools like ClickUp and Trello.
Connected AppsHere, you can link or unlink with Project Management Tools.
Add WorklogsA process for employees to log their work.
Missing WorklogsAllows for the review of reports when worklogs are missed.
ReportsAccess various reports for in-depth insights.

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