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Worklog Configurations

First you have to choose your office work hours. Default work hours set to 8 but it depend on organization how much hours they can set. This is applicable for every employee of that organization. If you want you can connected with your preferred project management tools, currently Hellohrm support Asana, Trello and Clickup. You can checked this out and enabled it, then it will be avaialble in employee worklogs recored.

  • Turn On/Off Project Management Tolls.
  • Change Global Worklogs hours for employees.

Individual Worklog Set

There is a flexibility to set worklog hour for each employee individually, Like if you want to set sepecific hour for only one employee you can do that. You go to employee profile and click on Adjust Worklog

  • Turn on/off will calculate system if the employee should get notification or not