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Hellohrm is a versatile Human Resource Management platform designed to cater to organizations of any size. By simplifying daily operations involving employees, Hellohrm allows you to centralize all your employee data in one accessible location. Best of all, our system is cloud-based, requiring no installation, and is readily available on both web and mobile applications.


Hellohrm offers a broad range of employee management features, making it a perfect solution for businesses of every scale. Here’s a snapshot of the key modules and what they offer:

Dashboard Get a comprehensive view of your organization’s HR activities at a glance, including real-time updates and insights. Employee Keep all employee info in one spot—like personal details, job history, and more. It makes organizing and finding employee details really easy.
Leave Manage time off easily. This tool can be adjusted to fit any business, making it simple to handle leave requests and approvals. Attendance Track who’s in and who’s not, with support for both office and remote work. It also calculates work hours automatically.
Request Lets employees ask for what they need smoothly, like hour makeup or equipment, speeding up how requests are handled. Task Management
Organize customers, projects, and tasks all in one place. It helps teams stay on top of their work and meet deadlines.
Worklogs Record work hours and activities clearly. If you use tools like Trello, Asana, or Clickup, you can connect them here to keep all worklogs in one place. Assets Manage your company’s assets, from allocation to maintenance, ensuring optimal use and accountability.
Announcement Broadcast important messages and updates to your entire organization or specific teams, ensuring everyone stays informed. User Role (Access Group)
Customize access and permissions based on roles within your organization, enhancing security and workflow.
Support Provide a dedicated channel for HR-related support and inquiries, ensuring timely assistance and resolution. Activity Logs Maintain a comprehensive record of all system activities, crucial for audits and monitoring system integrity.

Each module is designed with ease of use and efficiency in mind, ensuring your HR operations run smoothly and effectively. Dive deeper into each section for more detailed information on leveraging Hellohrm to its full potential.