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Manage Subscription

Hellohrm generates invoices for both the Free and Premium subscription models. Free users receive invoices with an amount set to zero and will not receive any notifications. Premium users receive invoices five days before their subscription’s expiry date each month. An email notification is sent out, allowing users to view details on the subscription page, download the invoice, or pay online

Note: If user not paid until the expired day a 7 Days grace period will given

If payment is not received, the account will be deactivated, and only the administrator will have access. The administrator must either pay the outstanding bill or downgrade the service to reactivate the account.


For any assistance, please contact support@hellohrm.com.


If you currently have an active Premium subscription and wish to downgrade, you can do so at any time; however, the changes will only take effect at the start of your next billing cycle.

For example, if your subscription is set to expire on April 15 and you request a downgrade on April 1, you will maintain Premium status until April 15. During this period, no new invoice will be generated nor will any payment be required. Your subscription will automatically downgrade after April 15. You can also choose to upgrade again at any time during this period without affecting the system.


You can upgrade your subscription at any time. The day you upgrade becomes the new start date for your subscription, and billing will occur monthly from that date.