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Task Management

Task Management in Hellohrm brings together Customers, Projects, and Tasks in one easy-to-use feature. This module helps you track your employees’ progress on projects and tasks, as well as manage your customers all from one place.


In the Settings section, you can manage various categories and types for your projects and tasks, including:

  • Project Type
  • Project Category
  • Task Type
  • Task Category
  • Customer Category

Manageable Items:

With Task Management, you can easily handle:

  • Customers: Keep track of all your customer information and manage your interactions with them.
  • Projects: Organize and oversee your projects, making sure everything is on track.
  • Tasks: Assign tasks to your team members and monitor their progress to completion.

This module is designed to streamline how your organization manages work, from big-picture projects to detailed tasks.

👉 The purpose of the Task Management section is to maintain your worklog effortlessly and manage and monitor your employees’ day-to-day worklogs in a centralized place.